Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Portland Chinese Classical Garden

This block long garden is modeled on the estate of a retired scholar/administrator during the Ming Dynasty in Suzhou, one of the oldest cities in China. Portland is a sister city of Suzhou and received a lot of help from its artisans in transforming an old parking lot into a retired scholar's estate complete with gardens and man-made lake. It is literally an oasis in the middle of an urban jungle. The details are breathtaking. The overall effect is soothing and a Sunday afternoon can't be better spent.

There are guided tours that are included in the entrance fee which gives you some information on how and why things were constructed the way they are. There is also a tea house in which you can enjoy a cup of tea and some munchies.

Hidden mini-waterfall behind the willow tree.

Covered bridge leading to the living quarters from the Main Hall

Portal leading to the Scholar's Study

Entrance to Scholar's Study

Hanging lanterns in the Sitting Room

Mid-lake Pavillion

Portland Japanese Garden Part 3: The Rest of the Gardens

As you stroll through the rest of the Garden, your heartbeat slows and you know that there is more than enough here to discover for a whole afternoon.  And I would suggest just that you do take a whole afternoon to savor this very pretty place.

Moon Bridge and lower Strolling Pond

Lower Strolling Pond

Heavenly Falls

The Natural Garden

The Sand and Rock Garden

Portland Japanese Garden Part 2: Strolling Pond Garden

You walk towards the Strolling Pond Garden and you can smell (in this case) wonderful, natural things.  I don't know what it is but it would come from a combination of fragrant flowers, plants and trees.  The moon bridge which crosses the pond is so romantic, you can't help but linger for a long while.