Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sequester will Cause Flight Delays

The FAA chief Michael Huerta said the sequester was going to cause 90 minute delays at big hubs like Chicago and New York City because he'll have to furlough air traffic controllers.  Really?  He must be a bad administrator if he can't find a way to make the budget cuts work to continue to make the agency operational.  For crying out loud, you take money away from agencies and they immediately threaten your safety.  What the heck is it with these departments that they can't find a way to reduce their budgets by a measly 5%?  Why do they always say they have to lay off workers?  Why isn't it that these stupid government bozos can't find a way to run their departments so that it's more financially efficient?  Corporations and small businesses have been finding ways to save on expenses because it makes a difference to their bottom line.  But these big shot government agencies can't seem to do it because they don't have to worry about making a profit, they think they can always tax the public even more.  For once I wish those bozos in Washington would think about the taxpayers instead of always spending our money.