Saturday, January 15, 2011

Writing a lot of articles

I've been writing a lot since the beginning of the year, so instead of parsing them out once a day or so, I'm just going to list them all and give a blurb on each one.

"Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planners for the New Year" is of course about calendars that you might need for your business or personal needs.  It's a new year, and I always like having a calendar because they're great for looking back at what happened in the past year.

"Valentine Gifts for your Favorite Guy" are some great gift suggestions for the man/men in your life.  I find it so hard to shop for a guy on an occasion like Valentine's Day but I came up with what I thought were some original ideas.

"Get your Party Ready for the Super Bowl" is an article about some great football themed platters, chip and dip sets, bowls, and other items you'll find handy when you throw your Super Bowl party.  Impress your guests with the festive atmosphere and the football theme will get everyone in the mood for a fun time watching America's premier sporting event.

"Handy Football Snack Helmets of your Favorite Team on Sale" is a cool way to watch football and have your snacks conveniently nearby.   This snack server is the size of a regular football helmet.  At the top is a deep bowl that can hold potato chip or pretzels, or cheez doodles or any type of snack.  It's also a deep enought bowl that can hold a couple of brewskis packed in ice.  Neat huh?  Then, a snack tray is placed at the mouthpiece.  The tray is shallow and has a divider so you can put dip on one part of the tray and the other part can hold another snack like nuts or a different type of dip.  It's a cool idea for the football fan and I know guys love fun stuff like this.

Since Martin Luther King Jr. Day is this coming Monday, I'm going to skip ahead to feature my article on Mr. King, "Martin Luther King Jr. and his Life and Work".  He is one of the few modern leaders that has such a mythical stature in 20th century life and a resonance in modern American life and society.  Okay, I've got a lot more and I will list them in the next few days.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm following up with another funny write-up

This article in HubPages is called "How to Stay Warm and Look Hideous".  I just happened to be looking through the fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and I could't believe how awful the clothes were that the designers and the Hollywood stars were touting for winter wear.  It's just disappointing when you have these famous people who love to get photo ops wear something that is so wrong for them, that you wonder how they were allowed to leave the house in that outfit.

Things are slowing down

Even though this month started off strongly I have learned that it doesn't necessarily gain momentum.  I've also seen the situation where there can be a lot of views on a hub but that doesn't necessarily convert to clicks on ads.  This happened with my Nancy Pelosi hub.  Time will tell whether this month will help me get my third payoff, I'm crossing my fingers.

In the meantime I've been very busy.  My hub on "How to Repel Men" is meant to be funny and fun write-up with some ideas to take seriously.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year started off with an adsense bang!

I'm not really sure what happened but over New Year's day I had crazy amounts of traffic going into my hub, "The Best and Worst North American Airlines of 2010", approximately 200 views per day for two days.  It was so weird.  Naturally because of all that traffic I got more clicks on my adsense that I normally would.  To date, I have already made $13 on adsense and it's been only five days into January.  If this keeps up, I'll easily make payout this month.  In December I earned approximately $51.  My Amazon sales in December were a blessing.  I made $89, that's more than I've ever made in a month and I sold my first television after Christmas Day.  That was so exciting, it was the most expensive sale I've ever made to date.  My holidays have really been profitable online.

Oh, I almost forgot, my latest hub is about fabulous older women who have stopped dying their hair and have let it go gray and the great hairstyles that they have.  Check it out.