Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year started off with an adsense bang!

I'm not really sure what happened but over New Year's day I had crazy amounts of traffic going into my hub, "The Best and Worst North American Airlines of 2010", approximately 200 views per day for two days.  It was so weird.  Naturally because of all that traffic I got more clicks on my adsense that I normally would.  To date, I have already made $13 on adsense and it's been only five days into January.  If this keeps up, I'll easily make payout this month.  In December I earned approximately $51.  My Amazon sales in December were a blessing.  I made $89, that's more than I've ever made in a month and I sold my first television after Christmas Day.  That was so exciting, it was the most expensive sale I've ever made to date.  My holidays have really been profitable online.

Oh, I almost forgot, my latest hub is about fabulous older women who have stopped dying their hair and have let it go gray and the great hairstyles that they have.  Check it out.

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