Thursday, July 23, 2009

One-way flight from Cancun was only $89 on AirTran!

I saw that AirTran was having a sale and couldn't believe the prices from Cancun to my base airport. I fly on a space available basis because I work for an airline. It's never a problem trying to get to a destination, it's more of a problem trying to get back from a destination. So when I saw the fares, I had to take advantage. When you include all the charges and fees, the price increased to a little over $160. Also, I do have a layover at Atlanta but that's okay.

Of course as soon as the transaction was processed, I saw that American Airlines was also having a fare sale. Well you know what that means, as soon as 1 or 2 airlines start slashing fares there will be a fare war. That's all good for the passenger and it's good for the industry because it keeps us employed. Bring it on!

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