Saturday, December 18, 2010

My newest hub is about Immersion Blenders

I had no idea how powerful these little mixers were.  Anyway, I wrote a hub about them.  I tweeted that I wrote a hub about them, except I couldn't get it quite right.  The first time I tweeted:

"I wrote another article! Go to (my article hubpage).  Immersion lenders make great gifts."

Well I know that the banking business isn't doing great right now but so far, none have hired immersion lenders.  So I tried to clarify myself and tweeted this:

"I mean immersion blunders! LOL!"

Uh-huh.  Aah, the wonders of predictive texting and not looking.  So I corrected myself again and tweeted:


Now, people who haven't been around since the original tweet probably looked at that and thought...SPAM!  I gave up.

I'm still getting some traffic to my hubs but not as much as before when everybody was shopping and I still get clicks.  I'm hoping that my traffic won't die down so soon and so much.  I've been told that hubpages usually dies down in January.  If that's the case, then I might have to wait until February for my third payout.  So far I'm close to matching what I earned in Google Adsense for November and I really want to beat it for December.  Same thing for my Amazon earnings, in fact I already beat November earnings and I kind of wanted to double my earnings in December, but that might have been an unrealistic expectation.  I sitll keep writing hubs and still hoping that people will read them.

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