Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LaGuardia Airport Waterlogged by Hurricane Sandy

Needless to say, both JFK and LaGuardia airports were affected by Hurricane Sandy since both are situated near water.  LaGuardia is next to Flushing Bay and JFK is next to Jamaica Bay.  Of the two, LaGuardia suffered more because Flushing Bay practically engulfed the runway.  LaGuardia will still be closed today.  JFK has limited flights departing today.

I found these two incredible pictures of LaGuardia on Tuesday morning, the morning after the hurricane passed through New Jersey and New York in the evening.  Incredible.

A flight attendant took this shot on Tuesday morning and it looks like it was taken from Terminal C where US Airways and Delta flights depart.

This is another shot taken at LaGuardia by someone at JetBlue but I don't know which terminal this is.

These pictures have been making the rounds on new television shows as well as on Facebook and other social media.

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