Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Universal Islands of Adventure

Here are some great pictures I took when I was at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure back in November of 2011.  It's such a fun place.  With all the different themes of the islands, the construction of buildings and attractions -- it's literally so much eye candy.

This restaurant has a great Moroccan theme.  I'm not sure what it sold but I find it very charming.

You walk past the entrance and you walk into a Hollywood-like setting.  This looks like a market in the Middle East.

The streets of each island is like walking into a separate theme park and it's so colorful.  This was the entrance to Seuss Landing.

I loved the book and was disappointed that this eatery was closed when I visited.

This was the entrance to the ride.

This Circus McGurkus Cafe is so much fun inside.  The food is okay but the decor was amazing. However, it was too dark for me take any good pictures.

You'd think this was an entrance to a ride but actually it holds Mythos Restaurant in the Lost Continent Island

This is the entrance to the Poseidon's Fury attraction.

The River Adventure water ride is always so popular.

I loved this ride, Pteranadon Flyer, you are essentially gliding and the ride last less than 30 seconds but it's ridiculously thrilling.

The final splash at Jurassic Park River Adventure.

The entrance to Toon Lagoon.

The final fall at Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls.

a street in Toon Lagoon

The entrance to Bilge Rat Barges

A Bilge Rat Barge ride

A visit to Universal Studios is always fun.  If you want to know about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I wrote a hub about it here.

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